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My server will be closing its doors as of the 28th of February this year (2019) as the amount of traffic it gets no longer justifies me maintaining it.. Almost everything on my server can now be found on macintoshgarden.org and a full mirror of my server can be found on macintosharchive.org I will also be keeping a copy of all the data on my server just in case anything on it can't be found on these sites.

As of Saturday the 6th of April 2019 my server has officially closed it's doors. macintosharchive.org now has a full and complete mirror of my server so no data has been lost and all of it is still accessible to the public.

Welcome to my Servers! one of the best sources for classic mac software, I started out with a tiny FTP server in late september '10 (only 26mb!) now I have around 370gb (and counting) running across the Wired and FTP protocols. For the sake of bandwidth (and my xbl games!) guests are limited to 5kb/s, not enough? well then you need to upload something, when you have done that just drop a text file (.txt or .rtf only, no word documents) into the accounts folder stateing what you uploaded and what user / pass you want, after I create your account you will get unlimited dl speed (unless you mega leech).

I guess I should say what im looking for: Anything and everything classic mac (i.e. runs under mac os 9 or before, with the exception of restore cd's which my include osx IF they also include os9 or before) unlike some places I am interested in localized versions of software, so if you have something I already have, but in another language please upload it.

Anyways, welcome to my server and happy leeching! umm.... I mean uploading :-)


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